Bottle of Durello Wine

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As much as 62% of all sparkling wine sales by volume in the UK are accounted for by Prosecco which is currently mass produced, varies in quality and not always to everyone's taste. Increasingly, it seems that available sparkling wine options are limited or exorbitantly out of reach. The truth is there are many more fabulous Italian bubbly options out there ready for enjoyment.

Prize Winning

Durello is the up-and-coming sensation in Italy, increasingly gaining recognition by leading prize awarding organisations for its outstanding quality and potential. Ideal as an aperitif, sublime with fish, Brut varieties are perfect for those special occasions. Rapidly becoming the go-to choice by Italy's youth, Durello is on track to challenging Prosecco's prominence in the international bubbly market!

Bottle of Durello Wine

Bottle of Durello Wine

New Smiles

Time for something new. Time for something authentic, different, unconventional and refreshing. Time for sparkling wine crafted with traditional know-how, style and finesse by boutique wineries in Italy's Veneto region, one of the finest wine making regions in the world. Time for a new tempting option. Time for new sparkle, bubbles and smiles. Time for Durello Sparkling Wine...


BubblyBandits Ltd is a newly founded company, born from a passion for sparkling wine and Italian style. We have selected some niche sparkling wines from a range of small and medium sized family-owned Italian wineries, waiting for you to try and fall in love with!

BubblyBandits’ Mission: Burst the myth, that Prosecco is the “One and Only” when it comes to Italian sparkling wine. Bring belief in better bubblies and yield sparkling smiles. Let the Bandits boost your bubbly business.

The story so far: Once upon a time in the lush, verdant hills of Veneto, a small vine struggled out of the rich volcanic soil and reached for the warm, sparkling sun…

The Durella grape was born, coming from the adjective “duro” – hard and thick skinned.

These innocent grapes are now being plucked from their nurturing stems, squeezed, squashed and stuck into bottles for human enjoyment.

BubblyBandits have managed to track down some of several culprits and hijacked their wines just for you. This is just the beginning…

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October 2021, Annabel and Gaby, BubblyBandit's founding partners are guests on Cambridge 105FM's Morning Show. Interviewed by Suzie Thorpe the Bandits introduced Durello to the listeners and described some of the more enticing features of this outstanding Italian Sparkling Wine.


Cambridge Independent

"In blind tests some wine experts believed it was a new kind of Champagne.”

Alberto Tonello,
Food and Wine correspondent for:
"Giornale di Vicenza"


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